We are a multidisciplinary team founded in 1997 by Stefano Rovai and Susanna Weber. Niccolò Mazzoni became a partner in the studio in 2019. Coming from diverse backgrounds, with qualifications in classical and artistic studies, our shared passion lies in graphic design, visual communication, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Our studio is a laboratory of ideas, combining an international design perspective with an artisanal attention to refined craftsmanship. We believe in direct client relationships, collaborative decision-making, project quality, and unwavering attention throughout every phase of development and production. Our expertise spans various fields, as we're convinced that each new experience enriches the next. We specialize in crafting visual identities, including digital communication, across diverse sectors: from wine and hospitality to fashion, culture, public and private institutions, and publishing. Our strength and creativity are nourished by the diversity of our team, a rich blend of nationalities, personalities, and specialisms: Gabrielle Béghin, Cecilia Fontanelli, Beatrice Pignotti, Maura Puddu, Michela Sansone, Elisabet Ribera.


Culture has always been at the heart of our projects. Since our foundation, we've specialized in graphic communication and exhibition design for museums and exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. We often collaborate directly with curators to help determine the most suitable tools and formats for communicating cultural and educational content. We are experienced in developing both content and materials for learning and engagement in museums.


We collaborate with fashion brands on special projects, aligning with their corporate identity. Together with our clients, we work on the visual translation of concepts, handling brand identity, logo design or redesign, and producing materials for all forms of digital and print communication. We oversee editorial projects, managing both graphics and iconographic research, and create digital animations for websites and social channels, to provide dynamic and engaging content highlighting the unique qualities of each project.


We've also worked extensively with hospitality clients over the years. When developing a concept, we strive to identify what makes a space truly special and distinct. We work to craft a language that conveys the essence, atmosphere, and spirit of the client’s hospitality, making the guest experience uniquely appealing. As always, we pay attention to every detail, from room and table linens to furnishings and bathroom amenities, menus, and in-room information.


We have years of experience in the wine world, guiding companies in effectively narrating their stories, expressing values, visions, and the distinctiveness of their production and products. We provide comprehensive art direction, starting from corporate identity studies to label and packaging design, targeted photographic projects, and digital graphics. We have extensive experience in high-end and collectible wines.

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